Video inspection robots and cameras

M-Tecks ROBOTICS specializes in video inspection products for use in areas difficult and/or hazardous to access .  Our brand ARTHRON(TM) includes the following product ranges: CAM©, POD©, R© and C©, each specifically designed to respond to the user’s needs.  With this is mind, the ARTHRON range is particularly suited to missions requiring visual inspection and/or removal of doubt, vertically or horizontally, within indoor and/or outdoor environments, day or night, with the additional need to overcome obstacles.
Our products are designed for the domains of air hygiene (HVAC), sanitation, construction, nuclear, public security, surveillance and defense.

Inspection cameras

Inspection camera sans fil

Nocturnal inspection camera
Inspection camera avec fil

Wireless video inspection camera


Wireless camera which has full-pan rotating head capability for carrying out vertical and horizontal duct and pipe inspections.

Nocturnal video inspection camera


Enhancing the view of internal surfaces, the head of the camera is inclined by 20°.

Video inspection camera with cable


Camera dedicated to the inspection of various types of vertical and horizontal ducts with diameters as small as 60 mm.

Air Duct Inspection Robots

robotic inspection camera
POD 050 B roues buggy trois quart sans font GIMP_lite

“Simple” Robotic inspection camera

POD 050 S

The most basic of our inspection robots, allowing robotic inspection to be accessible to all at the lowest price.

Robotic inspection camera named “best in Europe”

POD 050 A

The most popular inspection robot, equipped with a multitude of functionalities to ease the job and finish it to the highest quality.  Named best product of its kind by our users.

Robotic inspection camera

POD 050 B

Even more ergonomic, even lighter and has a larger capacity to overcome obstacles to ensure that all jobs can be finished.

Air Duct Inspection and Cleaning Robot

nettoyage robot

Cleaning robot


Jetty is a uniquely designed belt driven robot. It cleans and inspects air-conditioning ducts, kitchen and industrial air vents, air-conditioning vents, etc.

Remotely Operated Vehicles

Surveillance robot

Surveillance robot

POD 125 A

The ARTHON™ POD 125 A is a small, 4-wheeled remote-controlled vehicle.  With its simple and robust design, this vehicle is perfect for the surveillance of open spaces as well as the inspection of confined spaces.  This product can be personalized with different optional ‘add-ons’ to suit your needs.



R 4075 A

The L’ARTHRON™ R 4075 A is a small remote-controlled vehicle specialised in overcoming large and difficult obstacles.  This basic platform can be personalized with different optional ‘add-ons’ to suit your needs.


All-terrain investigation and surveillance vehicle

POD 060 A

ARTHRON POD 060 A is robust, affordable, simple and highly effective for providing, by day or by night, visibility during investigation, control and intelligence operations.