M-Tecks ROBOTICS is proud to present its ARTHRON 050 A, version 2.0 : the new and improved version of our visual inspection robot for air ventilation units.
To see the product in action with clear description of all the outstanding features, visit : www.m-tecksrobotics.com/produits/pod050a
Having carried out a market reseach study in close contact with professionals working daily within the air hygiene sector, we listened to what our clients were telling us they needed.
After an important development period, we have responded with this new version 2.0 which offers numerous innovating features which help the work of the user, increasing their productivity and offers true added-value to the final client.

What are these new features which increase efficiency and facilitate inspections ?

Image and video quality is clearer
Wheel-change system is faster and easier, with no need for tools meaning that all parts of attached and almost impossible to lose. On the job you can easily adapt your POD 050 A to the actual conditions in order to continue your inspection. Having a selection of wheels available offers the chance to change the height and clearance of the robot as well as its capability to function on different surface types, bends and slopes.
A more robust robot connection allowing you to use the robot to inspect certain vertical portions of the ducting
Improved sound quality during the recording of audio commentary on the videos
The cable reel and transport device is even more light-weight and even easier to handle allowing you to leave the storage case in the car and take ONLY the necessary parts to the job (cable, robot and control unit).

What are the general advantages of ARTHRON POD 050 A compared to other products on the market ?

Robust, ergonomic and easy to use product
Independent control unit allowing direct viewing of images and videos, robot operation and the […]